My World Psoriasis Day Resolution!

Ahh, the changing of the seasons, the coming of fall…  I get to pull out all my cozy sweaters, snuggle inside…. NO!  The coming of fall has always given me the sense of impending doom.  The warm season when my skin gives more willingly to treatment is coming to an end.  As the mornings get cooler and the darkness sets in earlier and earlier my anxiety grows as well as my instinct to deny the challenges ahead.

It’s so easy to let things happen without taking control.  Before I know it all the positive work that I did over the bright and warm months, when I am naturally more optimistic, wanes and my skin succumbs to winter.  As the scales encroach and my dread intensifies I finally acknowledge that I must begin a concerted effort to clear my skin.

Although I truly enjoy and thrive during these times when I take charge of my health I continue to struggle with finding the motivation to start before it becomes an absolute necessity.

So— this season I vow to do it differently!

Now is the time to tap into my personal empowerment such that I can enjoy the coziness of fall and the beauty in the season.

WORLD PSORIASIS DAY is today!  This is the perfect day for my surrogate New Year’s Resolution.  This is mine.

  • I will start with eliminating all sugars (this one is hard!).
  • I will eat a heaping plate of greens daily.
  • I will juice greens and other vegetables to add powerful health-promoting phytonutrients to my diet.
  • I will try to get to bed on time and get no less than 8 hours of sleep each night.
  • I will exercise daily– or at least most days!  🙂
  • I will get out in nature regularly to restore my soul.
  • I will schedule a visit to healing waters to soak, relax and hydrate.
  • I will be mindful with positive self-affirmations daily.
  • I will keep a positive outlook, laugh and look for joy in every day.


What is your World Psoriasis Day Resolution?  Share here on Facebook!



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