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My goal is to help you gain the education, motivation and empowerment you need to heal your skin using holistic medicine.  Education is empowering and, I believe, that you should be the expert of you.  Knowing your disease and your body and gaining insight into the aspects of your personality and lifestyle that are helping you to achieve health and those that are causing you harm will provide you with the knowledge needed to move forward toward clear skin and vibrant health.

What to expect when consulting with Dr. Peretz

I want to better understand your story and will ask that we delve deep and explore your health history including the history of your psoriasis but also your full physical, emotional and spiritual health.
Together we will elucidate areas that we both agree need change— anywhere from diet-related behaviors to interpersonal behavior patterns.  We will discuss the barriers that you may have to making these changes and we will develop strategies to make these changes possible.
We will explore the physiology behind the disease of psoriasis so that you can become your own expert and understand the changes that you are making.
I will provide a detailed explanation of all treatments so that you are empowered and motivated to embark on your healing journey.
I will follow along with you providing ongoing support and adjustments as needed— I want to see success as much as you do!
I am happy to discuss treatment with your primary care physician or dermatologist so that your healthcare team is fully on-board and supportive of your approach to optimal health.


15 minute initial consult: Free!
Initial Consultation (1 hour): $250.00
Follow up discussion (40 minutes): $160.00


Initial Consult (1 hour) + 3 Follow up Discussions (40 minutes each): $595.00
3 Follow up Discussions (40 minutes each): $399.00
All cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance.

There are two ways to work with Dr. Peretz!

1. Schedule a phone or video call.  The option of phone or video call offers flexibility and convenience while still maintaining the richness of an in-person visit.  In this case I will be able to educate and coach you on how you may manage your psoriasis.  I can relay information to your treating physician such that a detailed treatment plan can be developed and tailored to your needs.  However, I cannot serve as your physician as I will not have the opportunity to directly evaluate your medical condition.  Schedule a free initial call to see if working together is right for you!  Please review the terms for consultation.


Please note: With this option our working relationship will be educational, motivational and collaborative.  It will not be a true doctor-patient relationship as I will not be able to directly evaluate your health. Therefore, I ask that you discuss all treatments with your primary care physician.  If you see me in person at my San Francisco office, Whole Family MD, I can act as your physician in addition to providing care for your psoriasis.

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2. Schedule an in person medical consult.  If you prefer an in personal medical consult you may schedule an appointment at our San Francisco medical practice, Whole Family MD.  I will create a detailed treatment plan.  I will share and collaborate with your physician care team.  If you are in need of a primary care doctor I will be happy to serve in this role as well.  I am a board certified family medicine physician and see patients of all ages.  Please visit the practice website for further information or to schedule an appointment.

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