My medical journey began as a young child in the mid-70’s. I was five years old, standing half draped and barefoot on a cold floor surrounded by tall men in imposing white coats. They were talking in hushed and serious tones in a language that it has taken me many years of study to fully understand. Peering toward the corner of the room, where my mother stood outside the circle, I looked for comfort but found only fear. I was approximately 80 percent covered with thick, oozing, painful lesions, the dismaying effects of psoriasis.

I spent the next year of my life afflicted from head to toe. My skin worsened. My outlook fell. My mother knew she needed to find an alternative approach. After sending out hundreds of letters seeking help, an insightful physician, a pioneer in his day, eventually wrote back. His reply read simply: “I can cure her.” The doctor’s plan included a radical change in diet with an intensive list of supplements. I have an image emblazoned in my memory to this day of standing in the doorway of his office, listening intently to his words, flooded with a sense of confidence and hope. I knew at that moment my path to healing had begun.

One month after adopting my doctor’s innovative treatment plan, my skin was completely clear. He didn’t “cure” me of course. Psoriasis will likely always be a part of my life. However, he offered me a path to healing that I remain exceptionally grateful for to this day.

My medical journey has both inspired and intrigued me. I am captivated by nature’s capacity to heal and by the power of my own mind. I have developed a passion for wholesome food and for tapping into the spiritual qualities of nature and relationships. Now, helping others overcome the disease that has so greatly impacted my own life is my passion.

I came to the field of medicine with a mission; to be a part of the movement of bringing natural healing methods into the conventional medical arena. I chose to become a family physician as it was important to me to be able to work with children, adults and families. I was deeply honored to learn from one of my longtime mentors, Dr. Andrew Weil, while completing his fellowship training in Integrative Medicine. My path has been enriched with travel and living abroad, scientific research and earning a master degree in Nutrition Education.

I have worked in many healthcare arenas through the years, including academia, primary care (Kaiser Permanente) and private practice settings where I provide in-depth integrative medicine consults. Each experience has enriched me in its own unique way. I am fortunate to be part of a wonderful family medicine practice in San Francisco, Whole Family MD.

Above all, I am grateful to be able to help others suffering from psoriasis find their path to healing.

Education and Training

Fellowship Training, Dr. Andrew Weil and The Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona, 2010

Family Medicine Residency: Oregon Health and Science University, 2009

Medical School: Medical School for International Health in Collaboration with Columbia University Health Sciences, Beer Sheva, Israel, 2006

Master Degree: Nutrition Education, Teachers College, Columbia University, 2002

Bachelor Degree: Physiology, University of California at Davis, 1997.